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VORTALconnect is our tool designed to allow complete communication between multiple systems of varying standards. Versatile and flexible, it has been designed to be compatible with a wide range of international frameworks including PEPPOL. Our complete integration service will seamlessly adapt the VORTAL system to your business - including your ERP and financial management systems. 

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Find out about the benefits of integration
Streamline the selection and contracting of suppliers
Eliminate unnecessary administrative tasks, saving time and money
Avoid human error – everything is recorded accurately and quickly

VORTALconnect, at your service

Our dedicated integration team is ready to manage the entire operation


    We ensure that the correct messages are communicated in the right way. If something doesn't look right, then we go back to the source and make sure it reaches its destination.


    We create and manage logs that record all the back and forth communication information you need to know – including any errors that need to be fixed.


    We map our system to yours, ensuring all business regulations are satisfied. Where third parties are concerned, we convert their messages to the VORTAL standard – or vice versa.


    We set-up a tailored alerts system to inform all key stakeholders (including system administrators and end users) about important messages or critical errors.

Two systems, one solution

Take a look at our proprietary process

  • Integrate multiple transactions
  • Manage requisitions
  • Manage purchase orders
  • Manage contract completion
  • Create a single management flow
  • Gain information integrity and control
  • Reduce admin time and cost
  • Get increased visibility

Integration history

VORTAL has a wide experience helping companies integrate many different ERPs

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