Portuguese Ministry of Justice

Aggregating it all

About the company

The Procurement department of the Ministry of Justice is always looking for ways to increase effectiveness, raise efficiencies and gain transparency. 

They are responsible for reducing the procurement costs for all agencies under the ministry, as well as for centralizing the process and aligning it with overall policies. eProcurement is therefore a core part of their strategy, and the reason they chose to partner with VORTAL.


The Ministry of Justice needed to award a contract for the cleaning of 15 of their buildings. They wanted to simplify the purchasing process, cutting the administrative clutter and streamlining each step. In order to do this with rigor and clarity, they needed a dedicated team to support them.


    Simplified process


    Purchasing savings


    Rigorous analysis


Together is better.



The electronic templates provided by VORTAL made it possible to receive proposals in a structured and uniform way, improving the analysis process and reducing administrative costs.


By combining the cleaning services for all of the buildings, the Ministry of Justice managed to maximize the potential savings through electronic means.


VORTAL helped the Ministry to reduce the effort and time they spent on the traditional tendering process, including qualification of suppliers, creation of comparative maps and the manual gathering of information. 

What else?

All in all the Ministry saved over 29% on the value of their cleaning contract. By doing the process electronically, and aggregating their purchasing, they saved over 175,000 euros. Specific training was given to the procurement team to enable them to use the platform autonomously – so they could feel proud to be part of such substantial cost cuttings!