Portuguese Bar Association

Efficiency in e-procurement: the Portuguese Bar Association success case.
VORTALgov has provided more flexibility and a more credible market solution.


The Portuguese Bar Association is a representative association of lawyers, governed by public law and founded in 1926, which origins trace back to the Lawyers’ Association of Lisbon, whose Statutes were approved in 1838.

Law graduates wishing to practice law must be registered in the Bar Association. Only lawyers with an active registration may, within the Portuguese territory, practice legal acts, namely: legal mandate, representation and assistance by a lawyer before the courts and other authorities, as well as legal consultation.

The Bar Association is a legal entity governed by public law which, in the exercise of its public powers, performs its functions - including the regulatory function - independently of Governmental bodies - being free and autonomous in its activity.

Of its attributions, enshrined in its Statute, result, on the one hand, an intrinsic connection to the defense of the rule of law and the rights, freedoms and guarantees of citizens and, on the other hand, the duty of to collaborate in the administration of justice as well as the constitutional duty to ensure access to the law and the courts by any citizen.


In compliance with the European Union legislation on public procurement the Portuguese Bar Association has decided to implement in their systems of contracting the electronic tender platform of VORTAL (VORTALgov), considering the possibility to have all the procedures in the same place - one of its main objectives. Furthermore, the project enabled the entity to have a transparent and secure platform when dealing with complex and confidential procedures. Another of the main objectives of the project, has been to change the culture to train the people who worked in public tendering, to use this new type of system.


The project of the implementation of the VORTALgov platform has been divided into several stages:

The implementation;


The structuring of the General Council's teams;

The spreading of the solution to the Regional Councils.



VORTAL e-tendering systems have improved efficiency compared to other electronic tender platforms that existed previously


This new e-tendering system has improved and streamlined the process of public procurement at the Portuguese Bar Association


The processes were considered to be faster - mainly regarding the invites of the entities or the final stages of the process


The assistance of VORTAL's consultants allows the Portuguese Bar Association's e-tendering structure to be adapted to an e-tendering electronic system