SPMS E.P.E.- Services of the Portugal Ministry of Health

eAuction exemplarity

About the entity

SPMS is a public enterprise created in 2010, functioning under the guardianship of the Ministries of Health and Finance.

Its mission is to provide shared services to health organisations, specifically in the areas of purchasing and logistics, financial services, human resources and IT, in order to "centralise, optimise and rationalise" the procurementof goods and services within the NHS.

Striving for transparency and efficiency in performing procedures, SPMS subscribed to the innovative process of VORTAL eAuctions.


The use of this tool offered total transparency in the procedure since all participating suppliers had access to best prices, enabling each supplier to know their ranking automatically and in real time. Therefore it was possible to improve their positioning in different lots of the procedure.

With the completion of the electronic auction, SPMS E.P.E. managed to achieve huge savings in final prices.





    31 LOTS




    463 BIDS