Ana Portugal Airports

Evaluating with ease

About the company

The mission of ANA is to efficiently manage the infrastructure of Portugal’s airports, connecting the country to the wider world. In this way they are committed to contributing to the economic, social and cultural development of the regions in which they operate.

The company maintains high standards in everything it undertakes – offering its customers a quality service, creating value for shareholders and ensuring that its employees remain well trained and motivated. 



First and foremost, ANA wanted an efficient and transparent procurement process that brought clear cost savings and allowed for greater visibility. At the same time, they wanted to ensure that all the legal requirements of the new Public Procurement Code were met, including high levels of information security. Finally, they wanted to improve the relationship they had with their suppliers and develop internal skills that would allow them to enjoy continued success with eProcurement in the future. 


    Increased efficiency


    In line with the law


    Better supplier relationships


Less admin for ANA.






The cost of ANA’s acquisitions reduced significantly, with the technological innovations of eProcurement allowing them to reduce spend, increase transparency and streamline their business. 

After initial training, ANA employees were monitored on the platform to ensure they fully understood the system. They enjoyed an improved relationship with suppliers, gaining easy access to profiles through the procurement portal.

On average, every direct award saved ANA 5.1 hours of man time. For open procedures the efficiencies were even greater, saving the company over 200 € per purchase.

What else?

To date, all legal requirements are being met by the electronic platform. In addition to certification by ISO/IEC 27001:2005, VORTAL has fulfilled all the safety and security concerns that ANA had at the outset. Which means that everyone can confidently get on with their work!