Perfecting procurement.

About the company

The ISEP has been delivering higher education in the fields of science and technology since 1852. Offering 23 different engineering courses, the institute currently has around 6200 students, 435 teachers and 135 non-teaching staff.

As part of their ethos to be a socially responsible company, ISEP is committed to sustainable development and the smart transfer of technology and knowledge across the world.


Being a public institution, ISEP was looking for a platform that could provide both transparent management and technological innovation. They needed to regulate and streamline their procurement procedure, in order to obtain savings, develop processes and integrate new suppliers.


    Paper-Free Process


    Increased competition


    Easy online access at any time


Savvy saving.


In total, 1192 proposals were received for the 213 tender procedures put out, giving ISEP lots of choice when it game to buying. They awarded contracts amounting to 3,352,943 €, achieving price reductions of 539,433 €.



VORTAL worked to ensure that the platform provided ISEP with the highest possible return on investment. All interested vendors were given access to tenders (and qualified suppliers were automatically recommended), increasing competition and potential savings.


By removing paper from the process, VORTAL helped ISEP reduce the administrative cost for each tender procedure. They also saved time by accessing the process flexibly – via the internet whenever they needed.

What else?

Now that VORTAL has provided ISEP with greater transparency and time savings, we are analysing the statistical data in order to further refine and improve the process. We constantly look for ways to efficiently manage the procurement strategy, bringing more administrative benefits and cost savings. And of course, as our technology advances, ISEP will be able to enjoy a new range of added value features.