Domino’s Pizza

Challenging the Italian market through digital innovation.


Improving processes through digital innovation is a must for every business and Domino’s Pizza Italy has this crystal clear in their strategy. The worldwide leader in pizza delivery and carryout keeps investing in digital tools and platforms to challenge the Italian market. When it comes to opening new points of sale (Domino’s most relevant line of investment), innovation is achieved with VORTAL eSourcing Suite.

If in 2018 Domino’s had 21 stores in Italy, their goal now is to double this number until the end of 2019. As they open more stores, they recruit more people and reinforce their role as a key market player.

Project Goals

As the company has such demanding objectives, it is vital to outline a plan that will assure a faster, optimized and efficient process. This plan needs to be guaranteed by the construction department, which is responsible for opening and maintaining new points of sale.

To streamline distinct processes with different types of suppliers (such as project engineers, construction workers, general contractors, furniture suppliers, maintenance providers, etc.) and to carry this expansion forward, Domino’s Pizza Italy conducted a partnership with VORTAL.

Their goal is to manage the supplier search and the negotiation process by selecting the most qualified and competitive suppliers and by negotiating in the most profitable terms.

How It Works

Domino’s uses VORTAL's eSourcing Suite for different needs:

  • Build a bespoke methodology and a library of templates for the purchasing process without the need to start from scratch every time;
  • Centralize the procurement information: anyone authorized that needs information about suppliers or about the project can access the portal and find the required information;
  • Find, nurture and qualify new suppliers, which are always important to deliver innovation to the company and ability to integrate competitive solutions;
  • Keep track of the performance of suppliers during the expediting of the contracts;
  • Manage the contract information and KPIs, including all the documents deemed necessary for the cooperation with the supplier during the construction process;
  • Calculate savings and monitor KPIS.



Innovative approach


Transparent negotiation


Enhanced efficiency


Optimization of resources


Increased savings


Shorter time to market


More business opportunities