Vortal contract management


With VORTAL you can stop worrying about the admin work of growing in size and start concentrating on what's important

A single, smarter platform

Monitor all of your contracts at any one time
Every procurement department needs to keep accurate, relevant records of the goods and services owned by their company.
With VORTAL’s latest software, the entire life-cycle of a contract can be managed effortlessly. They system is fully integrated with the e-Sourcing platform, meaning that companies can easily create, negotiate and approve the best contracts. And of course, VORTAL’s best in class toolkit brings a suite of additional functionalities, including the ability to track supplier performance.

What can you expect?

Much more than you might think


    We’ll generate, draft, amend and finalise your contracts


    We’ll monitor contracts throughout their entire life-cycle, from the first stage to the closure of an order


    We’ll work with all parties in order to reach contract agreement and disseminate information to multiple stakeholders


    We’ll manage supplier performance, reporting on individual contracts and global statistics


    We’ll record all significant dates and alert you of key milestones


    We’ll organize your documents by users, dates, status and categories

We help you manage your contracts stage by stage

It’s great when a business expands. But it can also mean a lot of time-consuming admin that is hard to keep track of. With VORTAL you can stop worrying about growing in size, and start concentrating on what’s important

  • Creation
  • Execution
  • Analysis and control
  • Evaluation
  • Storage

What else can we do?

A lot actually! Take a look at some of our other products:

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