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What has been the immediate impact of the pandemic on the e-procurement sector in Spain?

To date, and in view of the undeniable crisis situation we are facing, we could say that there has been a considerable increase in the interest of the corporate purchasing market in our solutions and services.

At present, considering the decrease in income, companies have as their main objective the optimization of their costs. The purchasing function must contribute to improving the company's competitiveness, achieving a better profit and loss account, and our solutions and services are a powerful ally in achieving this.


By focusing on direct costs (as soon as the business starts again) and general costs we will be able to recover some EBIT points.

What is the main demand that VORTAL is facing in these times of crisis?

The digital transformation of the purchasing processes and the value-added consultancy services are the main demand from the market at the moment. This is due to various situations that have forced us to change the way we work after the COVID-19 crisis, fundamentally regarding suppliers, and especially in the supply chain management, where some companies have seen their industrial activity altered in recent months, due to a lack of supply from their usual suppliers.

Therefore, at the moment, the services and solutions that we are implementing the most are:

- Tools to digitalize the whole process of the purchasing function.
- Solution of homologation and management of suppliers.
- E-catalogues for centralized purchases on demand.
- Analysis and management of the expenditure of the purchase categories (Core or non-core of the business).
- Search of new suppliers by purchase categories.

All these services and solutions are easy to implement and use and are supported by a strong network of suppliers that allow our clients to obtain information and optimize their purchasing expenditure, making them more competitive in the face of greater competition.

How has VORTAL adapted to the COVID-19 crisis?

Today we can testify that our activity has not declined. We are working for several sectors; manufacturing industry, pharmaceuticals, food or retail, featuring good results in their activity, with significantly increasing savings.

In some cases, some customers have asked us for direct consultancy services, and for example, in cases such as Burger King or Domino's Pizza, with our consultancy services and the appropriate technology, they have achieved greater savings and therefore have become more competitive in their new store openings, or in the purchase of raw materials for their products, thanks to the new supplier search and purchase category management services offered by VORTAL.

In some projects our clients are working in an integrated way with existing systems in their companies such as ERP solutions like SAP or Navision, in order to feature the complete cycle of purchase and to integrate it with their corporate systems.

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