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VORTAL is one of the largest eSourcing providers in Europe and Latin America with a strong position and recognition in Engineering and Construction industry and in the Public Procurement. 

Our knowledge of the European Construction market is something very valuable for those companies who are used to buy construction works and need a deeper knowledge of construction supplier base.

Retailers are pushing a lot on the accelerator to open new point of sales all around Europe. They need to work in a spread way, they need to be efficient, faster, and they need to minimize risks and costs.

VORTAL has put in place an eMarketplace that allows our clients to find the right partners to answer to their needs of efficiency, savings and compliances. Thanks to our combination of Technologies & Services, we are able to permit our retailers clients to manage their supplier base, qualifying them and managing the entire awarding process from the requisition to the contract expediting.

With VORTAL, retailers’ companies find savings, efficiency, decreasing of risks and respect the time to market.

Retail market has specific needs that requires specific tools and answers:

1. SUPPLIER KNOWLEDGE: our eMarketplace can count on more than 300’000 suppliers all around Europe. With our Supplier Scouting Service we can add more suppliers to specific categories, finding those suppliers that really meet our clients’ needs.

2. GOVERN the SOURCING PROCESS: we manage all the process of Request for Information, Request of Quotation, Bills of Quantities analysis, Comparative Maps of the offers, giving to our retailers clients a pre-analyzed scenario with some strategies suggested.

In any case, the comparison of the offer is not just a matter of comparing the total amount, but analyzing in detail all the lines of the bills of quantities to understand if all the suppliers have understood exactly the object of the quotation making comparison line by line.

We can manage in less than 15 days the awarding of a new free standing point of sales.

3. AWARDING: we can use multiple rounds of RFQs or we can also use a very powerful tool of eAuction. VORTAL has all the eAuction types from forward to reverse eAuction.

4. VENDOR EVALUATION: Our Supplier Truster module permits retailers to manage the vendor rating and performances of the entire supplier base, starting from the construction companies that need to have many documentations up do date. We support retailers verifying the document compliances of the suppliers.

With Supplier Truster you will be able to Qualify Suppliers, Control their status, Validate them and Access to all the documentation and information on Suppliers.

5. HELP DESK: VORTAL has more than 50 persons dedicated to the interaction with suppliers all around the world 24/7. We help them in the On-Boarding activities, supporting them on the RFX, on the eAuction and in qualifying in the Vendor Management.

With a combination of innovative tools, eProcurement expertise, Retailers experience and references, we can build a virtuous circle that starts from the pre-qualification of suppliers since the supplier evaluation during the expediting of the contract, managing the entire cycle:

A proof of concept with VORTAL e-Sourcing suits aims to provide a practical experience with the functionality and usability of the e-Sourcing suite and Suppliers discovery services, collecting immediate results.

If you are interested into our services or do you want to better clarify some of the topics above, or do you want some references, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to share our knowledge with you or with your team.



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