More agility and efficiency in the process


The Institute for Financial Education Management, I.P. (also known as IGeFE, I.P) as for its mission to guarantee the Ministry of Education's programming, financial management and strategic and operational planning, as well as the reliable and sustained management of the Education and Science budget.

It is also the mission of IGeFE, I.P. to ensure the global assessment of the implementation of policies and results obtained by the educational system and the functioning of integrated financial information systems, in conjunction with other services and education bodies.

Project Scope

The IGeFE, I.P. ensured the pre-contractual procedure that allowed VORTAL platform to be made available in September 2017, to all grouped schools / non-grouped schools that integrate the Public Education Network. With the implementation of VORTAL platform, functionalities were made available to automate the process of creating procedures in 811 organic units, and it is also possible to increase the list of possible suppliers and service providers which expands the range of entities already known by the schools, thus ensuring competition, one of the basic principles in public procurement.

The Solution

Bringing together on VORTAL platform 811 grouped / non-grouped primary and secondary schools, promoting their use and promoting better purchasing management were the main objectives of IGeFE.

The availability of VORTAL had a fast implementation with the schools, through training actions (webinars) and a dedicated support line. In just 6 months, more than half of the grouped schools and non-grouped schools were already using the platform to manage their purchases.

More than 95% of schools and grouped schools are currently using VORTAL, which means reduction in costs, more efficiency and transparency. The impact of this solution translates into significant improvements in school clusters, which managed to centralize all processes and increase free competition, thus creating more quality in the contracted services.

Based on the results, IGeFE has been presented by VORTAL as a success case. In October 2019, two VORTAL “Visão em Compras” prizes were awarded to IGeFE and to Valongo School Group. These prizes aimed to recognize the most visionary projects in areas of procurement and were delivered in VORTAL Vision '19, an event attended by a thousand participants.