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VORTAL, the Portuguese technology company, has won the international tenders for the supply of on-line procurement solutions for EMT – Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid as well as for the Council of Europe based in Strasbourg.

With these two new contracts, in 2017 VORTAL´s overseas turnover deriving from overseas clients for the first time exceeds 50%. The competitive nature of the solutions provided together with the technology and versatility of the product have proved to be the deciding factor in these new contracts for VORTAL.


Contract with EMT - Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid (Madrid Municipal Transport Company)

The EMT awarded the implementation of the public on-line contracting platform Next> to VORTAL so that its procurement models would comply with the new law on public contracts that comes into force from the 9th of March this year.

The contract will be for three years and means an investment of 323,500 Euros, allowing EMT to use the service of on-line auctions and to access the public tendering platform for all purchases by the entity.

EMT is the main public transport provider in the Spanish capital operating 2,000 buses, 209 routes, 20 vehicle depots and 165 BiciMad cycle hire points.

This new contract bolsters the leadership position held by VORTAL in Spain. The company has acquired a wide range of experience in projects of this type with various entities, including the Madrid Metro system and AENA, the world´s biggest airport operator.


Contract with the Council of Europe

VORTAL was the winning bidder in the international tender process launched by the Council of Europe for the provision of an e-Procurement solution to deal with 88 million Euros of purchases per year.

The Council of Europe is charged with the defence of human rights, democratic progress and politico-social stability in Europe. The Council has a legal status that is recognised under international law and serves a population of some 800 million inhabitants in 47 states including the 28 that make up the European Union.

The implementation of e-Procurement that the Council will apply with VORTAL will be for 6 months with eight dedicated personnel handling 8,700 purchase orders, 6,000 suppliers and 800 users.

With the use of the VORTAL platform, the Council of Europe aims to promote transparency in its procurement procedures, boosting impartiality towards suppliers and equality of opportunity.

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